The FINDHORN Eco-Dweller's BUURD'S NEST - a CERTIFIED GREEN BUSINESS & Private Retreat in the Forest
minutes from Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA & Samuel P. Taylor State Park

FOR SALE: the ecoNEST & property is for sale as a home & Marin County Certified GREEN BUSINESS.
We will remain open at least until sold. For info about the sale please call the number on the card below.

Current rates range from $175 - $226. The price on SPIRIT ROCK has not been updated in 5 years.

the eco nest B and B


the-eco-nest is an eco-dweller's delight nestled in a forest of redwood & madrones yet only 45 minutes from SF, CA
We border acres of open space for hiking & biking in West Marin's San Geronimo Valley, between Pt. Reyes Station & Fairfax, CA..

The NEST is chemical-free, free of mold, & does not use microwavse, smartMeter or WiFi. We provide a cable internet connection.


Although the ecoNEST has been checked for environmental, chemical, & EMF/RF toxins by Healthy Building Science, the NESTmay not be safe for all people with MCS.
We ask guests to refrain from bringing or wearing clothing or body care products with fragrance, but some still do.
The exterior of our home is Cedar siding, and we use propane for heat. Some MCS people react to Cedar and/or propane.

We live in a rural area where some neighbors use strong wifi &/or smartMeters, so if you are very sensitive to EMR/RF, we might not be the best place for you.


We also allow non-shedding hypo-allergenic dog breeds & some other pets! Please call for more info on hosting pets. There is an additional pet fee and deposit.


Yummy breakfast places serving fabulous organic coffee & good food are within a 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk.
You will get a guide book of our favorite places once you reserve the NEST.


SHOES OFF at the door keeps the NEST free from one of the main sources of indoor pollution - your shoes.
WATER SHORTAGE & SEPTIC SYSTEM: We live in a HIGH FIRE AREA in the midst of the California DROUGHT
Please BE MINDFUL of WATER USAGE in the shower & toilet flushing.

Contact us for availability & booking: marcia @ the-eco-nest dot com - Phone number is on the right side of the image on the card below.

Read some of our NEST Guests' Reviews. We have over 152 5-star reviews on

the eco nest

The Nest


What's * ORGANIC * in the NEST?
Everything with an asterisk *below is organic - most of the rest is sustainable, recycled, fair-trade.

*MATTRESS, 4 *PILLOWS from Lifekind, *Wool COMFORTER from Lifekind, Silk bedding & curtains from Anna Sova - without toxic fertilizers or petrochemical pesticides.
No dioxin bleaches or optical whiteners. No azo or heavy metal dyes. No formaldehyde or silicone sizing; Anna Sova Silks are finished with Indian soap nut - a 5,000 year old sustainable, eco-safe textile wash,
*Cotton SHEETS & duvet covers, *Wool dhurri area rugs regularly cleaned sustainably by hand, Earth-friendly cleaning products,
*Cotton flannel matress pad from Lifekind, *TOWELS, OAK FLOOR, HEPA air purifier from E.L. Foust Air Purifier on request,
Miele HEPA filter vacuum, recycle trash, recycle food leftovers, recycle paper/plastic/cans, Metal trash cans (so people with sensitivities to plastics can stay),
Low-flush toilet, mindfulness reminders about using water & propane, Mythic No-VOC paints, Many windows, natural light, & fresh air, *Teas

Marcia Ganeles Kislik The Eco Nest


~ 5 minute drive 2.6 mils to Spirit Rock Meditation Center - many talks/classes open to the public ~ 3 minute drive to Cafe Arti, Michelin-mentioned Organic Indian Restaurant, 10% discount NEST guests
~ 5 minute walk to local pub, Papermill Creek Saloon, which often has live music & the best juke box since 1950's ~ 10 minute drive to Fairfax, CA with SOLAR-POWERED movie theater (5-plex), festivals,
Good Earth Natural Foods, Live Music Venues, Community Wellness Center, The Hummingbird Cafe, restaurants, shops, and live music venues
~ 20 minute drive to Pt. Reyes Station & National Seashore with beautiful beaches, indie bookstore, fabulous food, organic cheese from local grass-fed pastured animals, unique boutiques, yoga & more
~ 15 minute drive to Rancho Nicasio for great music, - 30 minutes drive to Blue Waters Kayaking (owned by our neighbors) on Tomales Bay.
~ 4 minute drive to award winning beautiful SGV golf course voted #1 course in Marin 5 years in a row ~ 3 minute drive to Thursday night Sweat Your Prayers 5 Rhythms Dance (1st time's free)
~ 8 minute drive from Samuel Taylor State Park - hiking, biking, water holes ~ 3 minute drive in each direction for delicious breakfasts - either at Two Bird Cafe or Lagunitas Deli
~ 50 minute drive to Osmosis Eco-Green-Sustainable Day Spa & Sanctuary, Freestone, CA ~ 45 minute drive -1 hour from Napa - vineyards & wine tasting
~ 1.5-2 hour drive to Harbin Hot Springs & Conference Center - sadly burned in the fire of Sept 2015 ~ 40 minutes/24miles from the SF side of the Golden Gate Bridge
A GUIDE BOOK of sustainable, eco-businesses, hikes, events with details & maps awaits you at the NEST.

Forest Knolls, Eco-Nest B and B Retreat

The NEST is co-owned by a former member of The Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
who brings the spirit & energy of the Findhorn Community to you here in Forest Knolls.

( No, this ^ is not the owner, but this deer and its family live on the land & visit frequently. )

Eco Dweller's Findhorn Nest, Forest Knolls Retreat

Enjoy starlit nights & forest views from your big open deck or your private balcony. Propane heater.

The Eco-Nest, Forest Knolls, Bed and Retreat

Please send us info about yourselves when requesting to rent.

The Eco Nest of Forest Knolls

We are in a HIGH FIRE AREA in a DROUGHT, bordering open space.
Please NO SMOKING of any kind on the property and no candles or open flames.

The Eco-Nest, Forest Knolls BnB Retreat

the Eco-Nest of Forest Knolls

Seashell Chimes make a beautiful sound when the breeze comes through the NEST.

Travertine Tile Bathroom has Glass Doors, ORGANIC TOWELS, and Dr. Bronner's Soap.

ecoNEST - organic, sustainable retreat


Certified Green Business the ecoNEST, eco NEST

The NEST is certified by both Marin County & Bay Area Green Business Associations.
We are listed the following Green Travel Sites & Awards:

Linda Moss' Organic Holidays Site - Organic Places to Stay
We received 5 Green Leaves Award by Europe's prestigeous Five-Leaf System: Think Green When You Travel
Safer Travel Directory for the Chemically Sensitive & Health Conscious Traveler, Green Vacation Hub

The Eco-Nest in Forest Knolls, B and B, retreat

Deer by the lavender beds.

Blackberries in The Eco-Nest of Forest Knolls

One of the lovely things about wild blackberries, is they just keep producing and they don't
all get ripe at once. This means we have berries for months. Yummy.


Namaste, In Good Health xo, Marcia & Andy


Green Vacation Hub

the eco nest B and B